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The Basics of Bathroom Design

The Basics of Bathroom Design

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The bathroom is a place where our body gets clean. It should be clean, hygienic and comfortable. Every homeowner invests in their bathroom. All bathrooms demand some special care to keep them fresh and healthy for years with less maintenance. Here are some quick tips to create a long-lasting bathroom design.

Open Space

Let’s start with the development of your bathroom. Always create a design which is airy enough to keep it dry and fresh. Choose bigger ventilation and a proper exhaust system to let the moisture out of the bathroom quickly. As per a report, high air moisture in the bathroom increases your maintenance cost up to 30%.

Install Branded Fixtures

A bathroom consists of several fixtures. While you can choose luxurious deluxe fixtures if you have a good budget, you should never choose a substandard product just to save your money. Good products last longer and are easy to keep clean. As they will have to stay in contact with water constantly, they need to have anti-fungal protection to offer a healthy environment as well as to keep corrosion at bay.

Waterproofing is Important

One of the most important places where homeowners make mistakes is waterproofing their bathroom. They think that installing tiles will do as tiles are water-resistant. Yes, they are; but, the grout isn’t. So, water gets leaked through the grout and damages your property. As per a licensed gas plumber, these damages are too costly to restore. So, you have to use waterproofing sealants to join the tiles and have to apply waterproof paint on the walls. Remember, exterior paint’s waterproofing technology and bathroom’s waterproofing technology aren’t the same. They have their own specialties and thus you have to invest in bathroom-special paint. And yes, of course hire a highly experienced professional to make sure the paint is applied properly.

Install a Fail-safe Plumbing System

Last but not least. A good plumbing system is the heart of a bathroom. It’s not just joining some pipes and connecting it to a water source. It’s a science. The plumber needs to design it flawlessly to create the simplest path to the fixtures. We always recommend using digital design to find the errors easily and make it accurate. Once the bathroom design is ready, hand it over to an expert team to install it properly as per the design.

Well, there are several other factors that you need to keep in mind. Whether it is cleaning your bathroom or checking for damp spots, leakage and other issues, your regular care is important. We highly recommend every homeowner hire a professional once every six months for a thorough survey of your bathroom and the other sensitive parts of your home to check for issues and to fix them before they worsen.

If you’re looking to design or renovate your bathroom, Jet Plumbing and Gas can help you realise the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us now to transform your bathroom into something beautiful.

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